Created in the 18th century with the aim to hold the trousers still and neatly, suspenders are proving to be an indispensable item together with a bespoke suit. Liberal and gentlemently are the regular feelings of anyone who wears suspenders, as it’s highlighted in every step that you take.

Not only make your outfìt looks seamless (remove the nonconsecutive feeling between the trousers and the shirt), it also bring the harmonized feeling and make your outfit neatly. If you are planning to enjoy a walk or go to the cafe, you can choose an outstanding color suspenders and harmonized with your shirt. And for events or parties, select a suspenders off the same color with the suit, which would add the elegance to your suit.

Suspenders can be considered a substitute for the tie in ceremonies, and it is now available at the store of Vietnam Bespoke Shop with multiple selections of colors and unique materials such as linen, fresco. The Y-shaped suspenders, which are attached to the buttons in the trousers, are delicate for a high quality leather accessories

“Timeless” is the most suitable meaning to the suspenders of Albert Thurston. Considered the product for the kings, princes, presidents or successful businessman all over the world in the last 2 centuries, the product of the Panton St. – London has always been the indispensable accessories in any important events.

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