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We take fitting sessions by appointment only in order to gain maximum efficiency and bring to our customers the services and consultations of the best quality. It would be a great honour for us, having a chance to work with our customers over a cup of colombian coffee or a glass of high-class Martini.

There are two ways to book an appointment:

First, you can book an appointment online via our website. You can find on the top-right corner of this webpage a button named “Book an appointment”. Clicking on it will direct you to a page where you can check at which time there is an available space and select it if you desire. We will proceed to send you a confirmation of your booking by email.

Otherwise, you can contact the number +84 92 754 9899 or email inquiry@bespokeshop.vn in order to book via phone call/email.

Vietnam Bespoke Shop sincerely thank you for your interest and hope to bring you the best products

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