The high application and the flexibility to every situation has always been one of the criteria of every products of Vietnam Bespoke Shop. In these early summer days, we would like to introduce you a wonderful selection of fabric for suit or sport jacket: the fabric with the Hopsack weaving technique; with yarns; turns that created small airy needles. That’s the reason why this fabric line always favourable in the summer. This fabric have the ability to maintain creases and very comfortable for the summer for its way of weaving. The fabric is wrinkle resistant.

With the extremely high-quality wool fabric from the famous fabric mills of Endland – Holland & Sherry, the high quality Hopsack sport jacket has very special application. It is good at wrinkle resistance, ability to maintain the form. Beside being the optimum selection for the summer, it is also the optimum decision for you when travelling.

This Hopsack fabric line also has a wide range of color. The color is not too dark and also not too bright is the major advantage, easy to wear without being faded to the crowd.

Sport jacket in dark turquoise which is the combination of green and blue.

Sport jacket in tessitura orange inspired by the volcanic soil from the South of Italy.

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