The world and classical style gentlemen have known Vitale Barberis Canonico 1663 as a family business company with rich and long history that is reflected in each individual fabric swatch, as well as it is a demonstration for a 350 years old traditional craftsmanship with the continuous flow of culture and dressing heritage that are preserved for generations. Hopsack of this family is a proof of the above statement.  

Inheriting typical characteristic of Hopsack with woven yarns that are overlapped and create small holes that are airy and not wrinkles, these suits will surely make you feel more convenient and comfortable during your long and short trips.  Canonico 1663 suits with featured colors brings not only politeness, but also young. 

Along with Canonico’s Hopsack, you can select more luxurious fabrics from Holland & Sherry that we introduced at the beginning of the summer. With exceptional applicability, this anti-wrinkle fabric can stay in shape and sustain the pleat. This type of suit is favored by Vietnam Bespoke Shop customers choose for upcoming summer because of its high applicability.