Premium Bespoke Service

Vietnam Bespoke Shop offers a tailoring service that may cater to your particular customs, tastes, or usage. By focusing on full canvases for our designs, we are able to create garments that will mold accurately to your shape while increasing its structure and durability. Achieving a bespoke fit requires multiple fittings during the design process. As such, the client becomes the central piece in each of our creations, and we aim to render the fittings an experience in itself.

Each detail on our products is embedded with delicacy and each line is cut with accuracy under the hands of our expert tailors. We put special care into perfecting the small attributes so that each piece constitutes a flawless work of art. Whether it being the lapel width, pocket styles or pant pleats, each stroke serves to furthermore complete the canvas.

The choices at Vietnam Bespoke are endless. We propose a large library of fabric selection and commit to using only the finest cloths for our customers. Our materials are supplied by world-renowned manufacturers from England, Italy and Germany, such as the luxurious Holland & Sherry. Every garment may be fully tailored to your tastes as numerous customization options are available, ranging from linings to buttons. One of bespoke’s strongest points is its flexibility and versatility.

Finally, our team provides professional advising and styling services to produce the finest quality garments according to each individual. We relentlessly aim to satisfy our clients and wish to create pieces that are an expression of their wishes : the word bespoke is derived from latin roots meaning “to speak for something”.

Vietnam Bespoke Shop speaks for you.