Premium Laundry & Suit Repair

A bespoke garment is a worthy investment and a pleasure to wear. However, what happens after you take your suit off is just as important as when you are wearing it.

As to help preserve the quality of your suits, we offer a premium laundry and suit repair service that uses technology fully imported from Japan. Our method helps keep your garment clean and smelling fresh while protecting its natural fibres and preserving its shape. This step is crucial in order to prolong your suit’s lifespan. It is in our interest to bring you the finest creations while assisting you in caring for a quality piece of clothing.

In addition, in the cases where your garment is in need of repair or alterations, our master tailors may cater to your needs by performing any re-sizing, re-styling or mending accordingly to your precise specifications. It is possible to restore damaged or ripped fabrics so that your suit returns as good as new.

Vietnam Bespoke Shop aims to care for you throughout the entire journey.